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Creator : Jean Boutier
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Jacqueries en pays croquant. Les révoltes paysannes en Aquitaine (décembre 1789-mars 1790)
Jean Boutier
Jacqueries in 'croquant' country. The peasant revolts in Aquitaine, december 1789-march 1790 A series of peasant revolts broke out in Aquitaine -the region of peasant uprisings par excellence- in the winter of 1789-1790. But these revolts were vastly different from those of earlier centuries. Collective violence within the rural community was directed against the lord and against rentiers, whatever the source of their rents. To avoid minimizing the complexity of the scenario of the revolt, it needs to be studied in such a way as to shed light on the interaction, within the dynamic of violence, between not only social and economic but also political and cultural factors : the crisis in the State apparatus, rural sociability, the relationship between written and oral culture in the Occitan-speaking regions, etc. The specific character of the northern Occitan countryside, where the rent strategies of landowners, ignorant of the agricultural capitalism of the more developed areas of France, clashed with the precariousness of a society of smallholders and tenant farmers, demands that we take a fresh look at the heterogeneity of the peasant movement in the French Revolution seen in the context of uneven development within the nation as a whole.

Boutier Jean. Jacqueries en pays croquant. Les révoltes paysannes en Aquitaine (décembre 1789-mars 1790). In: Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales. 34e année, N. 4, 1979. pp. 760-786.

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